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— it’s snowing!

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Hey guys! Sorry for my inactivity. I’ve been kind of pissy with the fact that my Kate Bishop account has been terminated by tumblr and they haven’t done anything to get it back. 

If anyone in the group needs or wants me, I’m my new account for her. 

I’m also on skype but it’s a new profile thingie. 

It’s this URL but I’ll only accept people if you give me a URL and we’ve interacted a lot. 

Kthnxbyenow. :U 

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wolverine is kind of like gwen stefani in that he has this cute little asian girl posse that follows him around as his entourage



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My butt is asleep.

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i remembered the e-mail to my indie-pixie blog i was gonna try to kickstart awhile ago. not sure if i should try to do something with her or just keep to this one. 

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"Wha— Oh, no fair!," she huffs as she wipes away a good amount of lightly packed snow from her face. Rubbing at her nose, she then leans over to grab a handful. "No teleporting during a fight!" And off she does herself, landing in front of him and attempting to get him in the back of the neck.